Friday, 7 August 2015

My First 5K!

So, continuing on my running/fitness journey, I must update you all in that I ran a 5K race! It was Race for Life, which has it's good and bad points. Obviously in the good is that it's a fantastic cause as the money goes to Cancer Research UK (I raised £80 on top of my registration fee) and it felt like a big community. They also sent an awesome pack before the race with some cool temporary tattoos. I kind of feel like it wasn't a "real" race though, in terms of running.

Still, I was eagerly anticipating the race. And then it all went tits up.

Full disclaimer: I ran totally hungover. Like, really really.

I knew I was going to a birthday party/bbq the night before and was all prepped to drive and not drink. Then I got sent a picture of a 4 litre keg of pimms and thought I might just have one. Then I shared a taxi with friends. Then I got handed the biggest plastic cup I've ever seen. Then the keg got refilled. Then someone wanted me to try some gin and elderflower conconction, then I had a cider, then the drinking games started and the keg got refilled again and we ended up singing David Essex's Winter's Tale really loudly. I make very poor life decisions.

I made a tea when I got home but fell asleep without drinking it and woke up a few hours later with my makeup all crusty and the light still on and I just knew it was going to be terrible.

Thankfully I didn't have to drive to the race. I managed to eat a bowl of Ready Brek (my fav) and some peas (I'm obsessed), but didn't realise I'd stuck some of my tattoos on upside down.

The race itself was actually, thinking about it now, pretty fun, but pretty terrible at the time. I was lucky I was in a group to get pulled along. There were soooo many people there, including lots of small children, and as a result there was a lot of bottlenecking. It didn't help that we had to cross a load of mini ponds and the path kept narrowing to cross them. The course was pretty hilly and unfortunately where I live there are no hills at all so that was a challenge. We had to do a lot of walking in the congested areas, and after we'd gone down a hill my stomach was feeling a bit sensitive so we walked again. Before that day I had been determined that I wanted to do it in less than 30 minutes. We ended up at 32, but considering the crowds and the fact I felt like I wanted to crawl into a hole, die and emerge as Gollum... I guess that's not that bad. Although now I'll be forever wondering what could've been. I only have myself to blame.

In short, I learned a few lessons. Never drink before running. Have more than a few hours sleep. Check your tattoos.

I'm actually pretty excited to do a proper 5K now. And we're signing up for the 10K next year!


  1. 32 minutes for a hungover 5K is really good! Youre gonna rock your next one!!

    Also, nail polish remover can get an tattoo off

  2. Go you!! I am sure if you were not hungover you would have hit 30! So proud of you :)