Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A Week in Jersey

My 'big' trip this year was a week in Jersey (the original one in the Channel Islands, not your 'New' one in America). The main reason being that one of my friends from university (and former housemate) was getting married, so it was also an opportunity for us to have a mini reunion and to see some of the sights of the island.

We landed early on a Wednesday and had a drive around the island, a cup of tea with the bride-to-be and then a mooch around St Helier with lunch at La Fregate Cafe (we were massively craving something toasted so I had a lush panini).

La Corbiรจre Lighthouse

View from La Fregate of Elizabeth Castle

We got settled and had a big dinner at that most Jerseyish of restaurants - TGI Friday's. I was absolutely cream crackered (knackered... exhausted in British) as we'd been up since 3am and I'd had less than two hours sleep so I was exceedingly pleased to crawl into bed!

On the Thursday we went to Durrell Wildlife Park - if you are at all in the animal/zoo/conservation world you will know that Gerald Durrell is basically a God. So I was very excited to visit.

It didn't disappoint.

We also had a chill day, mooching about the shops and driving around.

It stormed.

On the Saturday was the wedding, which was awesome.

Unfortunately the weather did not really cooperate for the rest of the trip. One rainy day we went to the Jersey War Tunnels (I coerced everyone as I really wanted to go) and it was a really good and slightly sobering experience. During WWII British forces withdrew from the Islands and they were then occupied by Nazis for the duration, causing great hardship for the Islanders. The Nazis started to build tunnels (or, POW's did) for an underground hospital. The tunnels have now been turned into a journey through this period of history. Everyone gets given an identity card at the entrance, and you then have to find out what happened to your person. My card belonged to Suzanne Malherbe, who actually has her own Wikipedia page

Incomplete tunnel

For the rest of the week we chilled, ate, spent time together, and explored.

Bouley Bay


Liberation Square

La Greve de Lecq

Free range chickens!

Overall, it was a great week, and I'm glad I've experienced island life. It was good to get home though, and see my cat.

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