Sunday, 1 June 2014

One Short Day

Happy June! I had a lovely weekend. Yesterday I went to London. It was wonderful. I love wandering around. My friend and I caught the train in the morning, then wandered around Piccadilly (I wanted to visit the Cath Kidston store) and had an amazing hot dog from a lovely Cockney street vendor, then moseyed (I love the word 'mosey' and all it's derivatives) through Leicester Square and down to Covent Garden, watching the street performers and living statues. Then we walked down The Strand to Trafalgar Square, where there was some sort of Indonesian festival occurring, and a random blue cockerel. Anyone know why this was there?

Then we walked towards the river and stumbled across some horse dismounting. They were so pretty. And then I had my first glimpse of Downing Street - all the times I've been to London and I'd never seen it before!

And Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament...

...To a walk through St James's Park, where there were swans, geese, ducks, pelicans and squirrels.

And then Buckingham Palace.

There was, however, a reason for the trip to London (as fun as sightseeing is).

Yeah, you know it. I went to see Wicked. Again.

And it was totally AWESOME. Willemijn Verkaik (look her up) was totally insane.

I think I have it out of my system now. I think I'm ready to see other shows. I'm not sure I'm ready to replace the soundtrack in my car, but one step at a time.

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