Saturday, 24 May 2014

Sorting Out My Diet

One thing that has been bothering me for quite some time is the way I eat.

Food and I have had a strange relationship throughout my life. I know what choices I should make, but I never seem to be able to stick with those choices. I've realised lots of things about myself since I've been living on my own, and have recently made a concerted effort to try to eat better, but food still consumes my thoughts.

Things were obviously easier when I lived at home. Mutti would cook every night, and even prepare my lunches for me for work (I know, spoiled or what). But, now I'm on my own, I lack motivation.

Part of the problem is that I have absolutely no enthusiasm for cooking. None at all. And cooking for one? Pretty much the most boring and depressing thing. I don't enjoy it, I don't like the time it takes and the mess it leaves.

I'm not remotely overweight, so that's not a problem. I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, that I actually eat fairly well. I don't drink coffee or fizzy drinks (US translation: soda). I don't drink a lot of alcohol, I don't eat crisps (US translation: chips), or a whole load of chocolate or cake. In the UK, we don't have the same culture of eating out; I go to a restaurant less than once a month. Let me take you through a typical day:

A bowl of Alpen with semi-skimmed milk

Cereal bar

Sandwich on seeded or granary bread... usually cheese and pickle.
At least one piece of fruit, sometimes two or three (grapes, banana, blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes)
Sometimes something else if I don't have enough fruit, such as a piece of Soreen, a pack of oatcakes or a hot cross bun. Occasionally a chocolate biscuit.

And usually at work I will have at least two cups of tea, and a litre of squash. To be honest there is very little variation in this part of my diet.

The problem, is dinner.

I don't really like mentioning work on this blog as I try to remain fairly anonymous, but I have a job that keeps me reasonably active (a lot of walking, some heavy lifting) and when I get home I am TIRED. And then I usually have a lot of paperwork to do in the evenings. I don't have the time or inclination to cook for a long time, so my dinners are usually one of the following:

Beans on toast
Jacket potato
Soup from a can
Frozen ready meal

I'm also guilty of a) not eating dinner, b) eating five doughnuts, and c) eating a pack of chocolate bourbons. And I just told you I don't eat a lot of chocolate or cake!

So my questions for you are: How do you find the motivation to cook in the evening? Do you have any tips on cooking for one? Do you have any simple and quick recipes I could try?


  1. I totally get tour problem, I'm training to climb Kilimanjaro so I'm training 3 or 4 nights a week after a full days work, but need to eat well. So I try to be prepared, buy things that are quick to prepare but healthy like pasta, grains like quinoa, or grilled vegetables (I'm vegetarian so you could add chicken). I also try to prepare as much as I can in advance for example weds is a rest day but Thursday I won't be home until gone 9pm most nights so on weds I make a nice dinner and try to prep for thurs as well, by pre chopping veg or even freezing a portion of a meal so I can reheat it another day.

    I know it's hard, and I fall into the trap of pizza, chips or take away sometimes but nobody has the perfect diet!

    1. I never really thought too much about prepping dinner beforehand.. Which is weird because I always make sure I am prepared for lunch!

  2. We do a big meal on Sunday and then eat leftovers for a couple of nights. I have found a lot of great recipes on Pinterest!

    1. I really need to abuse Pinterest more for recipes... I'm yearning to print some out and make a recipe scrapbook :-)

  3. do you have a slow cooker? you could put in the fixings for a meal and let it cook all day - you would come home to a meal that is ready to eat? I like my slow cooker to make soups, stews and chilis.
    I also try to cook something big on sunday, which will last me the week.

    1. I do have a slow cooker but unfortunately I'm not a big stew fan. My slow cooker normally gets used for mulled wine and that's about it! Priorities.

  4. I also am a fan of meal prep - cut up veggies and fruit on Sunday so they are easy to grab and go during the week. Putting together a salad is so much faster when my peppers, carrots, cucumbers, beets, etc are all chopped. I love to make big meals and eat leftovers so I only have to cook a few times a week. Smoothies are good when I feel like I'm lacking produce - I throw a bunch of fruit and some greens into the blender and voila! I have a yummy drink full of vitamins and minerals. One of my goals is to post more recipes but usually when I am cooking I forget to take pictures halfway through and I get annoyed and don't want to post the recipe with only half the pictures I intended to include.