Monday, 5 May 2014

A Day in the Life

I've seen a couple of other people do this, and thought it would be fun! This is a day in the life from Tuesday 29th April, 2014!

6.25 - Day begins with the cat meowing and meowing and meowing at me because she wants her BREAKFAST!!! My alarm hasn't gone off yet so I shut her out of the bedroom and go back to sleep.

6.45 - First alarm goes off. Snooze. Shortly after, my second alarm goes off. Snooze. Repeatedly snooze both alarms until I feel half human. Think about what I need to do at work today. Think about all the things I haven't done to be prepared for work today.

7.30 - Eventually manage to get myself out of bed, feed the cat, have breakfast (Alpen), shower, hair, makeup etc.

8.20 - Leave for work. Listen to the Wicked soundtrack in the car. Get to work. Nothing particularly exciting happens here. It's cold and drizzly for most of the day. I sing Wicked songs at work.

5.40 - Get home from work. How am I home this early?!? Give the cat her dinner and spend a bit of time with her, relaxing from the day at work. Make a list for food shopping.

6.30 - Leave the house to go to the Homebase store across town. I am on the hunt for plant pots for strawberries and for the wildflowers I am planning to grow. After Homebase I decide to go to the Tesco store across the road, rather than my local one. Am literally amazed that in this part of town you are not required to put a pound coin in to get a trolley (US translation: cart). Realise that I have left all my vouchers, coupons and 'bags for life' at home. Waaa!!!

8.05 - Return home. Unpack shopping and immediately WhatsApp friends to show that I finally have food in the house and no longer have to exist solely on chocolate bourbons. It is still light enough for me to quickly plant my strawberry plants in their new pot, water the plants and even put a bit of feed in for them.

(You may not find this impressive, but for me it is everything I need to get through the week... cereal, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurts, wholewheat pasta and a little fruit and veg etc... FYI there is also stuff in the freezer and other cupboards and fruit bowl!)

8.45 - Finally time to have dinner. Tonight, omlette! Realise have forgotten how to make omlette, then remember. Also realise it has been EIGHT HOURS since I last had a cup of tea. Remedy this immediately.

9.15 - Spend 15 minutes on Facebook, reading blogs and news.

9.30 - A friend is coming round tomorrow night so I need to tidy up - time to do a few days worth of washing up and clean the kitchen, fold up laundry etc. Sort out lunch for the next day.

10.10 - How did it get this late already!! Get ready for bed. Think about all the things I meant to do today that I haven't done. Think about all the things I need to do for work tomorrow that I haven't done. Mentally plan the day (which of course won't happen the way I want it to).

10.30 - In bed. Decide to read for half an hour. Cat decides to go on a mad one and run around the house, randomly attacking bits of carpet and banisters that offend her.

11.30 - Cat is finally tired enough to assume her normal sleeping position at the end of my bed. I am still reading. Woops. Must. Sleep. Now.

What's your day been like?


  1. I love these types of posts! I am amazed at your energy after work. Usually I get home, make dinner and literally do nothing the rest of the night.

    1. It's mostly because at the weekend I cannot be bothered to do anything that involves mingling with strangers (shopping etc) so I try to do it all after work! But tonight I have come in and sat down to watch the TV I missed over the weekend... And I can't imagine I'll move for a while!