Monday, 21 April 2014

It's Official, I Love Gardening

I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend... I worked Good Friday and Easter Monday, spent Saturday with friends and Sunday with family so I had a busy but mostly enjoyable one. 

We have been very lucky recently to have had some nice weather, and I have been itching (literally for weeks) to get out in the garden and do some tidying. When I bought the house the garden was basically lawn with holes in (from the previous owners' dogs) and a couple of small trees. I have created a small flowerbed at the back of the garden where there is the most sun. Recently I have spent some time weeding and digging, and Mutti has given me some plants from her garden.

This is next to my apple and crabapple trees... In the pot there is a Jasmin plant, then next to it is a rosebush that was already in the garden. I transplanted it to this fence last week as it will get more sun there and it was annoying me where it was (I also want to put a compost bin there at some point), but I'm not 100% sure it will survive as digging it up proved both tedious and painful so I may or may not have snapped some roots rather than digging them all up. The plant got it's own back though by stabbing me with a thorn. When I woke up the next morning the cut was full of pus (TMI? Tough! I love pus). Next to the rosebush is a peony (I think).

Round the corner (past the snail sanctuary - to entice birds, you know) there is a right hodge podge of plants I have acquired over the past year. Clockwise, from top, there is a golden leafed fern that has a proper name I've forgotten, a peony, daffs that have yet to flower (I swear half of them never emerged), purple geranium, an unknown orange flower, michaelmas daisy, unknown pink flower, rudbeckia, and something else Mutti gave me that I can't remember. Clearly the lawn needs some attention too.

Along the back fence (from R-L) there are more unknown pink flowers and rudbeckia, hollyhock, unknown orange flower, more rudbeckia that has yet to come back to life, buddleia, daffs, and unknown orange flower.

As you can see there is a lot of space to add more, and lots of things that have yet to sprout and grow to fill in the bed. But oh my word, the overall effect when I look from the kitchen window is a million times better than a few weeks ago. Some things may need to be relocated too... Mutti said the daisy can get very tall so may need to get moved closer to the fence, but we'll see what happens. This is my first foray into gardening and I must say I have found it to be rewarding and therapeutic. Even mowing the lawn is not as painful as it used to be.

I have a few pots on the patio too, but at the moment these are mostly full of dead things or weeds, so they will be requiring my attention soon (you know, in all that free time I have). One thing that is doing very well, however, is my kiwi plant. A little bit of feed and it has flourished in the past couple of weeks. Apparently I am guaranteed to get fruit from it this year!

I haven't had much luck with my mint plant either, but it is starting to grow back. I weeded it (it was sharing it's pot with some grass, a dandelion and some of the unknown pink flower mentioned earlier) and this is how it looks:


Next on my list: buy a big pot for the strawberry plants Mutti has given me, and I also want a blueberry bush. I'm undecided as to whether or not to grow any veg this year, as the pumpkins last year sort of took over the patio and then grew into the lawn.

Has anyone else been gardening in the sunshine? Any tips for me?

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  1. I can't wait to have a house again so I can garden! I really want to grow some vegetables and also have some pretty flowers. Someday soon, I hope!