Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Book Review: The Brave

Another book down! I have been struggling with things at work lately and reading has once again become to me what it was when I was at school - an escape. I'm really in the swing and the groove of reading regularly again, and it's awesome!

The second book I have officially finished this year was The Brave by Nicholas Evans. Evans has written some of my favourite books - The Horse Whisperer and The Loop. If you haven't read either of those I thoroughly and whole heartedly recommend both of them. I've also read Evans' other books, and whilst I enjoyed them they didn't get me hook, line and sinker like the first two.

I think the same applies to this one. Nicely written, but large sections of the book seemed redundant to the plot, and other parts were touched upon but not in nearly enough detail.

Set between Britain and America, we get to see lots of 'Wild West' and Hollywood action, but the best writing occurs when the main character is in Montana - Evans' favourite state where most of his books are based. Personally, I love being in this world, of horses and ranches and fields and nature, but there just wasn't nearly enough of it. I also enjoyed the beginning of the book where the main character goes to a quintessential English Boarding School. The main story is woven around one central character, and switches between present day and his childhood, and the issues with his parents as a child, and the relationship with his son as an adult. A key theme running throughout is about the choices we make, which I loved. Choices are important.

So yeah, there were parts I enjoyed, but I found the plot pretty predictable - I had all the key points worked out in the first few chapters, once we'd been introduced to all the characters. No surprises for me! It was still very readable, though it never stood a chance of usurping The Horse Whisperer or The Loop in my heart. Three stars.

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  1. I am always looking for new authors so thanks for sharing! It's nice to be in a good routine of reading, isn't it? 2014 has been a string of just OK books for me so I'm hoping a really good one pops up soon. The theme of this book sounds so interesting. I often think about how various choices have led me to where I am now and how little, seemingly inconsequential choices could have impacted bigger choices. All very interesting!