Saturday, 18 January 2014

DIY Fridge Magnets

Why is it that just pottering about and loving your home is just so darn enjoyable?

My poor refrigerator had been looking so bare :-( I searched everywhere online to try and find some pretty fridge magnets, but everything was massively expensive, and I thought I could make something just as good myself for a fraction of the price. A little bit of Pinning gave me the idea of using clothes pegs.

All I needed for this little project was some pretty scrapbook paper (already owned), glue, pegs, sharp scissors and adhesive magnetic strips - I ordered these ones from Amazon. All I had to do was cut everything to size and stick it on. Luckily I had a little helper for this tricky task.

These magnets look like the perfect place to sit!

I will now steal your pen, and then later play with the lid to the glue stick and lose it under the sofa.

And, the finished result!

So quick and easy. I'm definitely going to make more. And I reckon they would also make great gifts for people too (friends with birthdays soon, watch out!).

Anyone else completed a really simple project that's brightened up your day?

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