Thursday, 30 January 2014

Book Review: Fangirl

I still need to post my goals for this year. You already know I'm on a mission to find love, but one of my other goals was to read more new books. At least ten, I hope. I'm actually a voracious reader and I'll read anything I can get my hands on. I'm the sort of person who sits in the shower and reads all the toiletry containers. But what I mainly do when I want to read is go straight to my favourite books - the ones I have read eleventy billion times already.So this year, I'm focusing on new books I haven't read before. I have loads lined up on my Kindle, and some paperbacks I've borrowed from Mutti. I actually read the most recent Bridget Jones in the weird gap between Christmas and New Year (which I am totally counting as one of my ten in 2014), and maybe I'll post about that one day. But this past week, I've read another book: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

After I managed to get over the fact that the author was actually called Rainbow, the book immediately appealed to me. It focusses on a girl called Cath, who writes fanfiction for a Harry Potter-esque book series and is struggling with being away from home at college for the first time, meeting new people, moving on from the fandom and coping with family drama.

Overall, the book was perfectly readable. It's the sort of book that you can devour in a few days, and I think there are characters and situations that everyone can relate to. It's not a challenging book, it doesn't break any new ground or provoke life changing discussions. The writing and the language aren't difficult to follow. It was enjoyable, and I wanted to read it and find out what happened. But that being said, some parts really did read like fanfiction and seemed almost amateurish.

I had a few minor issues. Most people probably won't have these issues, but they bothered me. The first was that the lead character's full name is Cather. Yep, just Cather. And do you know what I kept saying in my head? Catheter. And when I mentioned to someone at work that the lead character was called Cather, she also said 'Catheter?'. Slightly distracting. The other thing that bugged me was that the castle/magic school in the fictional fandom was located in Watford. Watford. Clearly this Rainbow person has never been to Watford in her life. I can only imagine it's set there to pay homage to the Harry Potter studios in Watford. But seriously, a less magical place there aint! I also found Cath's reluctance to kiss a boy slightly ridiculous, though the author was probably aiming this at at different target audience than me.

So if you're looking for a life changing, though provoking book, look elsewhere. I imagine I would've enjoyed this book much more as a teenager. If you're a Harry Potter nut like me, you'll probably find some things to enjoy. If you're a chit lit and romance person, you'll also find things to enjoy. I'd probably give it two or three stars.

I just hope the next book I read has more murder and intrigue!


  1. Weird names is a huge pet peeve of mine when reading! Other than that, this book looks pretty good. I'll add it to my list for 2014. I love reading book reviews!!

    Also, re: the first name Rainbow, I have a contact at work whose first name is Princess. It's very awkward sending her emails. "Dear Princes..." ugh. I feel like I'm being inappropriate, ha!

    1. Oh wow, I think Princess takes the biscuit!!!