Sunday, 15 December 2013


Meet Ginny.

She's approximately two years old.

Her owner gave her and three other cats to a rescue charity because she couldn't afford them any more.

Now she belongs to me and lives in my house.

I am not a cat person. I mean, obviously I like cats, but they're nothing compared to dogs. You look into a dog's eyes and can see the soul within. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to own a dog at the moment - I don't think it's fair to leave them on their own all day, and I would never have the energy to walk it as much as it would need. Plus, I have responsibilities with my parents' dog (you know, because my brother and I made them get a new dog, and now neither of us still lives at home).

But this cat is pretty cute. She now sits on my lap. She welcomes me home. Sometimes she sleeps on my bed. She wakes me up at 5.30 in the morning, demanding to be fed. She makes me open doors for her, then refuses to walk through them. This is now my life. She is teaching me to be less precious about my belongings, more careful about where I leave things, and more proactive in keeping the house clean. As I type this she is getting grumpy with me because I won't let her walk on my laptop.
So yeah, hopefully this is the beginning of something beautiful.


In other news, I am so annoyed because I have somehow managed to lose my SD card with all my photos on, and the adaptor it was in. The last time I remember having it was when I took photos of my pumpkin, and I seriously cannot think where it might be, and I have searched everywhere. I have another SD card and have taken some nice photos of the cat, but cannot upload them as my laptop is squiffy and won't accept an SD card being inserted. Grr, I am so cross!!!