Tuesday, 29 October 2013

One Year In - Bathroom

In celebration of my one year anniversary, I quickly ran around the house in about two minutes flat and took photos of each room to share and show the difference from when I bought the house. First stop: bathroom.

This is one of the rooms that has changed the most. New loo (that's British for toilet, in case you were unsure), new sink, new taps (faucets for many of you), new shower, new floor, paint etc. I did post a while back about how progress was, um, progressing, but now it's more or less complete.

Here's the before:

Not pretty. I took these photos the day after the house became mine, so the next photos are exactly a year on.

I am so very happy with it! And it was pretty cost effective too. The toilet and sink were off Ebay (brand new fyi) for £75 total, the floor was about £30, the tiles/grouting no more than £50, the glass shower door was a spare one my parents had, as were one set of taps. Towel rails were all left from the previous owners,  and the new shower was the biggest expense at around £150. Vati gave me the new mirror as a gift because he is lovely and I am a wonderful daughter. Or something like that.

Pretty much the only thing left to do is to hang some art. At the moment I am leaning towards pictures of my favourite marine animals (narwhal, manatee and the like) but am thinking of making these myself rather than buying. Because of course I have all that spare time I can spend wisely through crafting.

Rest of the house coming soon!

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  1. wow what a big change for such a small budget!!!