Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Couple of Updates

I am still alive, and things are much better than in the last post I wrote. :-)

No big updates in the life department, so today I'm going to share a couple of little updates in the organisation department that have made me smile a little.

One of my August Goals was to sort out my make-up drawer. Don't you just jokingly loathe those people who don't need to wear make-up and who flaunt it all over the internet? Well I am not one of those. I have crap skin and I need to wear make-up to survive. Whenever I don't wear make-up (for example, walking the dog) I am bound to meet an attractive man or someone I haven't seen in years and then I am embarrassed. So I ordered these drawer organisers from Lakeland at the same time as I ordered my cutlery tray, and they work wonderfully. I threw a few items of make-up away (out of date/not used in years), but even so I had to spread from one drawer to two. Not a massive issue as the other drawer was empty anyway. So I went from this:

To this:

I put everything I might use on a daily basis in the top drawer, within easy reach for those horrific early mornings, and everything else in the second drawer. I can't work out how to rotate these photos and they are only off my phone, so apologies for that.

Then I tackled the cupboard under the kitchen sink. From this:

To this:

So much more pleasing to the eye. I just wish I had another little basket for the few items I couldn't fit in the other two. At a couple of quid each, they are well worth it!

Any organisation successes from anyone else?

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