Monday, 19 August 2013

Some Drawer-ganisation

Another one of my goals for August was to organise the drawers in my kitchen. Since I bought the house, Vati completely redid the kitchen (and I helped a little bit - mostly in the demolition phase) and so I blame him for the amount of rubbish that has built up in the three drawers.

So much random stuff in disarray. I bought this extending wooden cutlery tray from Lakeland, and it's awesome. Some people have complained that it keeps sliding around, but that's nothing a little bit of blu-tak didn't solve.

This is one of those little things that makes such a huge difference. It makes me feel so happy when I open the drawer! I'm also very glad I moved the cutlery etc. to the top drawer. The next two drawers now contain spare tea towels, table cloth, sandwich bags etc., and various papers and fittings relating to the kitchen.

I also rediscovered a folder left here by the previous owner containing manuals for all the kitchen appliances. Seeing as I replaced everything in the kitchen, I transferred my new manuals to the folder, so now everything is up to date and all in one place.

Of course, some stuff that came out of the drawers has not made it back in. Stationary is going to live in my new Expedit, vitamins and medicines have moved to another cupboard, and there is a healthy-sized pile to go in the recycling bin.

I feel so much better! Organising is so therapeutic. I wish I had sorted all this stuff out ages ago! I'm off to go and gaze at my cutlery now. Weirdo.

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  1. Doesn't feel so much better to open up a drawer when they look so nice like yours do? Your post is reminding me of how much I need to tackle our kitchen cupboards...