Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Make Room For Nature

Anyone who knows me knows I love animals. And wildlife in general. I'm continuing my mission to bring wildlife into my garden - so far I've seen success with the bird feeder, and recently sighted TWO hedgehogs in my front garden (can't take credit for that but have since been and bought cat food).

One thing that got me excited recently was the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds' advert:

This was basically me as a child. And apparently as an adult.

Whilst I have been enjoying my time off work this week I have been finding things to keep me busy... including lots of gardening! I have pulled a bunch of weeds and created a flowerbed! In one corner of the flowerbed was this pile of bricks and rocks:

I was going to get rid of them all, but then I discovered something...


Oh hai!

So yeah, the rocks are staying. For some reason I have created a snail reserve. I don't particularly like snails, but birds do!

I may also have been and bought a storage box, £4 from Tesco. I have big plans for this box. You must know what it's going to become!

Psst - You can download a free guide on how to give nature a home at this link. I'm nothing to do with the RSPB at all - I just think it's a great initiative!

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