Sunday, 7 July 2013

Living Room Tour

I thought maybe I would show you some befores and progresses of my living room...

Those photos were all taken on the day after I picked up the keys to the house. The Friday I completed on the house I was at work so I only got to go round in the dark, so I went back on Saturday to take lots of pictures in the daylight. As you can see, the purple was just horrific. It's not a big room, and it was just too much. The wallpaper was brown under the fire, and although at first glance the floor seemed fine, it was actually pretty worn and a bit manky in places. The fireplace, curtains and light fitting were all left here.

So, several months on...

Everything got the 'white' treatment. New carpet, new sofas, new TV etc etc. I was actually living with those awful curtains (bland, too short) until this week. Do you know how difficult it was to find green curtains? Harder than trying to find a red knitted pouffe at any rate! I didn't want anything with a pattern because of the wallpaper, and all the other curtains I found were too dark. This pair came from Argos. They really brighten the room up and make a feature of the window, so I'm happy.

I'm keeping the fireplace and the light, at least for the time being, although at some point in the future I will probably change both. I want to see how useful the fireplace will be in winter, and how cold it will be without one, to see if I actually need it.

There's still lots to do:
  • Picture gallery above the sofa with 3 cushions on
  • Possible mirror or large canvas above the other sofa
  • Decorative accessories for the windowsill - at the moment I am hanging on to all my 'new home' cards
  • Book case for the 'book nook', although this is proving a bit of a challenge because of the dimensions of the wall. At the moment I'm debating an Expedit in this corner.
  • Possible small tables?
  • Door handles
  • Door stop
  • Change knobs on TV unit
...And probably another million things that have yet to occur to me.

I love it so far. Much better than the purple. And now, it's back to Wimbledon. Toodles!

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  1. The new wallpaper is great! Makes such a statement. I love the sofas too, they look comfy. What is the black thing next to the TV?