Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What's Happening?

Has anyone else found that, once they bought a house (or moved out), that their social life went bananas? I have been really busy recently! Here's some of the good stuff that's been happening:

  • I have completed my PGCE! That's a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Well, I'm waiting to hear if I've passed, but all the work is done and submitted and gone.
  • My friend at work had a housewarming party last weekend. I drank a lot of Pimms, was rubbish on the inflatable gladiator duelling thingy, and ate lots of smores.
  • Girl nights with the work girls... Lots of movies and Chinese and chocolates.
  • Grandparentals visiting the house and bringing cake.
  • Watching wakeboarding and drinking cider.
  • Afternoon tea and visits with friends.
  • Summer term finishes next week.
  • Barbecues with the parentals and long dog walks.
  • Zoo trips with work.
  • Actual sunshine.

Of course, the not-so-great stuff includes the fact that my life seems to have become one long cycle of washing dishes and bedding and clothes and struggling to keep the bathroom clean and the carpets vaccuumed and I still haven't found any green curtains. But, who cares, I'm living in my own house! Yay!

Oh, and I finished Life of Pi. You might think that a book about a boy on a boat for several months would be boring. You would be right.

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  1. That is the cutest little creature I have ever seen! And congratulations :-)