Monday, 24 June 2013

Things That No One Tells You

Running a house is hard! Like, literally, coordinating everything and cleaning and still having time to relax? HARD! I appreciate my Mother SO much more... What a fantastic job she does. I lived away from home whilst I was at University, but there were more of us then to keep up with the house jobs, and to be honest, we didn't clean all that often.

So I thought I'd make a list of all the things I've discovered/rediscovered/never really appreciated:

  • Plants will literally wilt overnight if you don't water them
  • Plants will come back to life if you do water them
  • One person still makes a lot of mess
  • Mowing the lawn is exhausting
  • Grass grows too fast
  • Weeds grow too fast
  • Windows don't stay clean
  • Food shopping takes a lot longer than you anticipate
  • It is hard to summon the energy required to empty the bins
  • After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is clean, BUT YOU MUST
  • Washing up is a continuous cycle
  • There is no one else to make tea :-(
  • Having a lump of cheese is not a suitable breakfast
  • Dust will cling to every surface
  • I need a place to store receipts

In other news, I'm really tired, but, school is out for summer! Hooray! Farewell children, see you in September! I went and stayed with some friends this weekend and spent some money... I bought these really cute little owl salt and pepper shakers. I don't actually have any salt or pepper, but at least now I have the shakers.

I'm off to go and water the plants, put the bins out and mow the lawn. Oh, and my fence has fallen down so I need to find a way to prop it up. I feel an ingenious idea brewing...


  1. It gets easier as you get used to it, usually just in time for someone to move in with you and mess it all up again...

  2. Yes, yes and yes! You will find your routine though, but I think the reality of adulthood and living on your own is a tough lesson to learn. I always feel like I have zero time.