Sunday, 2 June 2013

Rediscovering A Love of Reading

As a child/young adult, I was a prolific reader. Any spare second I had, I would pick up one of the four books I was in the middle of to read just another page, or paragraph, or sentence. This is the girl who went to Australia for 10 weeks with 15Kg of luggage, and 2Kg of that was books.

But recently... I have read nothing. And I mean... for the last two or three years. Or if I have read something, it would be something I have already read hundreds of times, and then it would only be a few of my favourite pages (yeah, I'm totally referring to Harry Potter).

I think this is due to a few reasons... I had lots of work to do for work. Planning lessons, marking papers, other paperwork to wade through. And I'm often awake into the small hours completing these. People, value your teachers! Plus, I would watch random TV in bed that really I did not need to watch and did nothing to enrich my life.

Now I've got my own house. On my own. And I set some rules. Absolutely no work to take place in the bedroom, and no TV in the bedroom. So do you know what I've been doing when I get into bed? Reading!! Only for about 15 minutes before I go to sleep, but oh em gee is it amazing. 

I finished Dan Brown's Inferno in about a week and a half. Let's be honest, it was no Da Vinci Code, but it was still entertaining. And it sparked in me the desire to read MORE.

I've now started Life of Pi. I like it because it's about animals, but at the moment it's not gripping me too much. I'm on about 20%, according to my Kindle. I also haven't seen the movie, so I don't really know what happens in the story.

It's very refreshing to read something without knowing what's going to happen. And, do you know what? I love reading!!! So I want suggestions!! What shall I read next? I'm not particularly a chick-lit kind of person, but I do want to broaden my horizons. What has been your favourite book of recent times?


  1. I definitely read more chick-lit than anything else. I really want to read the Da Vinci Code! I also like not having a TV in the bedroom, and I really want to ban my laptop from there too.

  2. I looove life of Pi! I think I had a tough time in the beginning of it too, but I was fascinated for the later parts- keep with it!

    Im currently reading Mansfield Park because my library card expired and classic novels are free. hahaha

    1. Thanks for the comment! I think after reading the book I would now like to see the film (am I the only person to have not seen it?) and see how they compare. I'll be honest and say I couldn't wait to finish that book... Just reread Fatherland by Robert Harris. Recommend it.