Wednesday, 26 June 2013

More Garden Goodness

As my social schedule continues to be ridiculous (although, thankfully, I don't expect it to go on much longer. I can't cope.), my home time seems suddenly extremely limited. But, I have stolen a few minutes here and there to spend a bit of time with my plants.

I repotted my indoor plants:

The pots are really cute. They were £3 each from Matalan. I have also gained an aloe vera plant, courtesy of my Mother, whose original plant had sprouted babies.

I weeded the front garden:

Doesn't look amazing, but much better than it was!

And then this evening I transplanted some petunias into these sad looking things on my wall...

And after planting:

Things are starting to look a little better. I also transplanted the snail that was living on one of the planters. He went to live in the big patch of weeds at the end of the garden.

I bought a grow bag and planted two pumpkin plants... grown from the seeds from the pumpkin I carved last Halloween.

The patio is a bit messy from my watering efforts. I need to get one of those sprinkler attachment thingys for the end of my watering can. You'll be pleased to know my original three plants are more or less surviving.

A rose has randomly bloomed.

And below, my ingenious efforts to prop the fence up. I think I need a new fence panel. Sigh. Also, check out my amazing mowing efforts. I have yet to invest in a strimmer.

I think this is all I will be able to manage this summer. Vati was right when he told me to concentrate on keeping things under control this year, and to make things pretty next year. Lord knows how people manage to raise children, I can just about manage to keep a few plants alive.

Happy summer, and happy gardening!


  1. I really love the pots too! How hard is it to keep aloe alive? I always hesitate to keep plants in my apartment because of the cats - them killing the plants and/or getting sick from them.

    1. So far, the aloe plant seems to be doing ok... it's just on the windowsill in my kitchen (north facing so doesn't get a lot of sun). I'm doing what my mama told me, keeping the soil moist but not letting the pot sit in water. Could you maybe put one in your bathroom, if you have natural light in there? And not let the cats in there? Apparently they like humidity?