Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Bird Feeder Success!!

A week after installing my bird feeder into my garden, I have success! I was previously feeling blue that I hadn't seen a single bird in the garden all week long (although, to be fair, the weather was pretty grim and rainy and cold, so I don't really blame the birds for not venturing out) and then today, I was just going to hang my washing out on the line in the garden, when I stopped. There was a bird at my bird feeder! A juvenile starling.

I might've squealed a little bit and quickly gone to get my camera and change the lens. And it was still there! And then a little lady sparrow came and joined the feeding fun.

I eventually ended up with Mr and Mrs Sparrow and 11 starlings in the garden - mostly brown juveniles but also a few adults. Very happy!!!

These are actually taken with a new 55-300mm lens I bought myself as a treat. When I was over at my parents' house last week I actually sat for almost an hour and counted 10 bird species in their garden. Nothing overly exciting but it gave me a chance to play with my new lens.

And, of course, obligatory photo of my boy.

So handsome.

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  1. Yay!! They are all so cute. I have a new love for birds since my brother got his chickens. And Louis is handsome, as always.