Sunday, 12 May 2013

This Past Week and Kitchen Preview

This past week has really very nearly killed me from exhaustion. It was seriously one of the longest weeks EVER. I worked Bank Holiday Monday and did 11 hours of work on Tuesday, 13 on Wednesday and 10 on Thursday, and then Friday was a normal day. Bear in mind that my job is physical and some of those included 7am starts and you will work out that I. Was. Tired.

And oh yeah, I decided it would be perfect timing to FINALLY MOVE INTO MY HOUSE.

So excited.

There is still SO much work to be done but it's great to see how far it's already come. The garden is a messy blank canvas and lots of doors need painting, the stairway and hall needs painting, the front door needs painting, some electrical bits need tinkering with (I have no idea what Vati was trying to explain to me)... long list. But mostly I'm excited about personalising everything. I hope this little house and I are going to have a wonderful relationship.

Today I'm bringing you a kitchen progress update. It's not 'before and after' as there is a lot more to do in the kitchen, but this is where I am up to now:

Such an improvement, but still so many things I want to do!!! Plus there's the whole "Dark Side" of the room...

...where there is still a ridiculous amount of work to be done.

But now comes the fun part! Accessorising and organising!!! Hooray! And I think I owe my Vati a very big drink.

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  1. I LOVE IT. I really, really love the colors! White cabinets look so clean in my opinion. The counter tops are fabulous. It looks awesome!