Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Going Green Fingered

It's been over two weeks since I moved in now, and it's pretty sweet. This house is starting to feel more like home. Lots of little things have been going on, and little niknaks and bits of mess have begun creeping in to make me feel more comfortable.

Of course, being as how this is the UK, the weather here is appalling at the moment. However, we managed to get a few hours of sunshine on Bank Holiday Monday and I seized the opportunity to spend a bit of time in my garden. And, I am turning into my Mother as I go.

I had already struggled to mow the lawn last week... The people here before had two big huskies, and basically the lawn is pitted from all the holes they dug. It was hard work.

So my task for yesterday was to weed the patio. Here's the before:

I made enemies of approximately a thousand ants, including some very scary looking yellow ones. Ew. But a little while later the patio was looking like this:

Yay!! I also took a trip to Homebase and spent a ridiculous amount of money, including buying a couple of potted plants to bring in a bit of colour. Vati told me I was better off just working at keeping the garden under control this summer and to start making it pretty next year instead, but I just needed to make a teeny start on prettyfying.

Now, anyone who knows me knows I am big on animals. I can count on one hand the number of bird species I have seen in my garden (three). I originally wanted to buy a bird table yesterday to entice more birds in, but they were all sold out, so I bought a bird feeding station instead. I think a combination of husky dogs, tiny gardens, town centre location and millions of screaming toddlers in the local vicinity have made wildlife scarce, but I am on a one woman mission to bring birds back.

I'll keep you posted!

I also made a start on the front 'garden' (read: tiny patch of grass and some pebbles) yesterday, but this horrific pile of weeds poses a challenge for another day. As do the stinging nettles in the back garden. *Sigh* Luckily it's raining today. 

Next on my to-do list is to put my little table and chairs together so I can sit and drink Pimms to my heart's content. Now if only we had some actual sun...

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Sweet, sweet internet

Mr Virgin Media Man came to my house today to hook me up with actual internet, TV and phone. Feels so good!!! :-) Although I will say it has been strangely liberating over the past couple of weeks, not having the technological capacity to spend hours on completely random internet sites. I've read 74% of Dan Brown's new book (according to my Kindle) and I've been in bed in the 10 o'clock hour almost every single night.

That being said, it's good to be back. Actual posts, coming soon!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

This Past Week and Kitchen Preview

This past week has really very nearly killed me from exhaustion. It was seriously one of the longest weeks EVER. I worked Bank Holiday Monday and did 11 hours of work on Tuesday, 13 on Wednesday and 10 on Thursday, and then Friday was a normal day. Bear in mind that my job is physical and some of those included 7am starts and you will work out that I. Was. Tired.

And oh yeah, I decided it would be perfect timing to FINALLY MOVE INTO MY HOUSE.

So excited.

There is still SO much work to be done but it's great to see how far it's already come. The garden is a messy blank canvas and lots of doors need painting, the stairway and hall needs painting, the front door needs painting, some electrical bits need tinkering with (I have no idea what Vati was trying to explain to me)... long list. But mostly I'm excited about personalising everything. I hope this little house and I are going to have a wonderful relationship.

Today I'm bringing you a kitchen progress update. It's not 'before and after' as there is a lot more to do in the kitchen, but this is where I am up to now:

Such an improvement, but still so many things I want to do!!! Plus there's the whole "Dark Side" of the room...

...where there is still a ridiculous amount of work to be done.

But now comes the fun part! Accessorising and organising!!! Hooray! And I think I owe my Vati a very big drink.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

May May

Is it just me, or has 2013 gone by so quickly so far?

This week has proven itself to be a very expensive week so far. I sort of half accidentally spent a lot of money this week, mainly on house stuff that I did need. I bought a duvet, duvet protector, toaster, iron and towels from one store, a blind for my bathroom from another, and curtains for the living room from another. I'm undecided on whether or not I'm going to keep the curtains so far... they are a much darker colour than the photo online showed :-( Tomorrow my BFF and I are off to IKEA after work (best time to go) to spend more money. My poor bank account.

Things have been so so busy at work recently, but also quite good! I did really well in an internal inspection, and I've completed my last assessments for my post-grad, so it's just a portfolio to put together now. Because of the ongoing busyness I haven't had much chance to get over to the house and do stuff, but hopefully this weekend I should be able to - parts of it are still so grimy! Particularly the doors. So until I can share some proper photos, here are a couple of phone photos of my week to tide you over:

So happy May, happy sunshine, and happy almost weekend!