Friday, 19 April 2013

The Great Pouffe Hunt

Pouffe? Pouf? I'm on the pouffe side I'm afraid.

So, I have these brand new sofas. They're lovely, but where on earth am I going to put my feet?!? Sure, I can curl up, but what if I want to stretch my legs out? This #firstworldproblem has led to many hours in internet searching.

 I think I may have been searching for bean bags when I first stumbled across this beauty:


 Found here. But really rather expensive. In fact, not far off what my monthly mortgage payment is. And a very large chunk of my pay. But it had lit a fire in my mind that couldn't be put out. I wanted a Red Pouffe!!! And the searching began in earnest, until I saw this:


 Found here. And suddenly, I wanted a Knitted Pouffe! But it still had to be Red!!! Many fruitless, hopeless days of searching began. I was losing all hope. I only found one red knitted pouffe and it was sold out online. But then, success! This evening I found this one:


 From here. So I ordered it. It looks a little lopsided in the picture. But never mind. I found a red knitted pouffe! This is a success for all amateur Googler's out there. Can't wait until it's delivered!

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