Saturday, 27 April 2013

Slight Bathroom Update and Pouffe Update

I popped round my house today to drop a few bits off and measure up for curtains, and while I was there I remembered to take a photo of the sink area of the bathroom:

A long long time ago I had my heart set on lime green towels. I have now changed my mind. I'm going to go for blue. But I haven't decided on what shade of blue just yet.

On Friday, Vati installed the glass panel on the shower and attached the side panel of the bath:

I'm just so excited about how pretty my house is. I also met my next door neighbour for the first time today, but I was so concentrating on making a good impression and being polite (they are my attached neighbours so we share a wall) that I completely forgot his name. I'm sure it was something like Jin. Oh well, I'm sure I'll find out eventually.

Also last week, my red knitted pouffe arrived! It's pretty sweet. Here it is in action:

Note to self: remove label from pouffe. I also scored that bird cushion today, at a cool 60% off, from Debenhams. Lush.

Surely now it's not long til I move in!!!

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bathroom Progress

My bathroom has quite a long story attached to it. Well, sort of. When I bought the house, it looked like this:

Ew. Grimy. It also had a metal corner shelf unit thingy on a pole that went from the corner of the bath right up to the ceiling, but funnily enough it actually fell off on the first night I owned the house! I came in the day after and it had rusted right through and fallen on the floor! But seriously, the yellowish paint was doing the room no favours, but I was pretty confident that the grouting could be cleaned up, and I was OK with the dolphin tiles.

The one thing I didn't want was a shower curtain. This girl here? Not a fan. Brings back memories of my student digs and the nasty bathroom we had. So I had my heart set on a glass panel on the side of the bath. But that was pretty much all I had planned to do in this room - just paint and clean and remove the shower curtain (and replace the shower hose).

Unfortunately, Vati had other ideas.

We realised that cleaning up the grouting was going to be near impossible, so it was going to have to be replaced. Shortly after that, we realised that was ridiculously hard, and it was actually only a little more effort to retile the whole room. This would also be good as I wanted to add more tiles around the sink (sadly not pictured above, but it's right next to where I was standing - you can just see it in the bottom corner of the first picture), and we couldn't find any tiles that were exactly the same size as the old ones to match. There were also about a million holes in the tiles from the old shower and other things that I don't really know what they were. So off came the tiles, and out came the bath. Vati then said that in order to have a glass panel on the bath, the supporting wall would need strengthening, so he basically ripped down that wall to put in some extra wooden bits (technical term) so that he would be able to screw the frame of the glass panel in securely. Then the plasterboard went up, and tiling commenced until we reached this stage:

Then Vati tells me that the toilet is leaking. Joy! But he found me one on ebay for only £75 including delivery,  AND it came with a new sink! Not too shabby. And one morning, as I was running late and had just gotten out of the shower, Vati tells me that before I go to work he needs to know what floor I want. What? Floor? But I guess the old blue one was pretty manky. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the original floor. So I chose an amazingly cheap wood-effect lino.

So the room was painted, the floor went down, and the new toilet and sink went in. This is where we are up to now:

And you know what, I am so pleased!!! It's so great to do all these things before I've actually moved in; I can't imagine how painful it would be to try and do a whole bathroom renovation whilst living there. These aren't the best pictures as they are off my phone, but do me a favour and scroll back to the first picture. What a difference!

So, obviously the glass panel has yet to go in, but after that it's literally:

  • Side panel of bath to be put back
  • Blind for the window
  • Towels and bath mat
  • Accessories for the windowsill
  • Under sink storage

(The room also has spotlights set into the ceiling that I haven't photographed yet, so there is no need for a new light fixture).

Happy happy :-)

Friday, 19 April 2013

The Great Pouffe Hunt

Pouffe? Pouf? I'm on the pouffe side I'm afraid.

So, I have these brand new sofas. They're lovely, but where on earth am I going to put my feet?!? Sure, I can curl up, but what if I want to stretch my legs out? This #firstworldproblem has led to many hours in internet searching.

 I think I may have been searching for bean bags when I first stumbled across this beauty:


 Found here. But really rather expensive. In fact, not far off what my monthly mortgage payment is. And a very large chunk of my pay. But it had lit a fire in my mind that couldn't be put out. I wanted a Red Pouffe!!! And the searching began in earnest, until I saw this:


 Found here. And suddenly, I wanted a Knitted Pouffe! But it still had to be Red!!! Many fruitless, hopeless days of searching began. I was losing all hope. I only found one red knitted pouffe and it was sold out online. But then, success! This evening I found this one:


 From here. So I ordered it. It looks a little lopsided in the picture. But never mind. I found a red knitted pouffe! This is a success for all amateur Googler's out there. Can't wait until it's delivered!

Sunday, 7 April 2013


New blog.

Irreverent musings.

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Material wishlists.

A whole lot of randomwhateverness.

Begins... soon.